• Title: Bonsai Craftsman (His Soul and Footsteps)
  • Author: Takeo Kawabe
  • Publisher: Green Age
  • Sale: New project Publications Service Shinkikaku
  • Specifications: A4 Size; 176 pages; full color (Japanese)
  • Price: 3,500 yen

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in this book," I would like to introduce my way of seeing and creating bonsai"
The publication of this book is the achievement of Mr. Kawabe's work with bonsai that he has written for all.
The book contains his past representative trees and the processes he uses to work with unfinished trees and also more finished ones.
He also introduces his way of bonsai treatment with ongoing trees.
Moreover, it also introduces the activity of Mr. Kawabe's Bonsai School in foreign countries with some of his teaching techniques and examples.