Kawabe Takeo

  • Mr. Kawabe was born in in September 1946 in Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from Omiya Technical High School in Saitama Prefecture where he studied mechanics, he went on to work as a mechanic at Saitama Toyopet (a Toyota car dealer).
  • in 1976 he became a factory chief at the Ina Branch office of Toyopet. However, after visiting the well-known bonsai creator, Masahiko Kimura, he was strongly inspired by his encounter with something over there. He then made a decision t become a bonsai creator himself even though he did not know anything about bonsai.
  • in 1989 he becomes independent after 12 years' training.

  • From 1993 - 2002, he entered trees in the "Sakufu-ten" (bonsai professional's exhibition). He was very bold in showing trees that were deliberately imperfect each year as a message to other professionals and everyone else that bonsai were always being changed and created new.
    His passion has led him start bonsai school in foreign countries to share his joy of bonsai and teach his techniques and ideas to other bonsai enthusiasts. His mechanical abilities also helped him develop and create some very unique bonsai tools that are used by other professionals in the bonsai world. He wants to continue to share his knowledge of bonsai and share his techniques and his tools to other bonsai lovers around the world through his book, articles in magazines, etc. . His incredible passion continues as he tries to create better bonsai and more useful bonsai tools.
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