His passion has led him to start bonsai school foreign countries to share his joy of bonsai and teach his techniques and ideas to other bonsai enthusiasts. His mechanical abilities also helped him develop and create some very unique bonsai tools that are used by other professionals in the bonsai world. He wants to continue to share his knowledge of bonsai and share his techniques and his tools to other bonsai lovers around the world through his book, articles in magazines, etc. . His incredible passion continues as he tries to create better bonsai and more useful bonsai tools.


  • 1993-2002
    He entered his trees in Sakufu-ten for 10 straight years. Each time he dared to show his novel work and show other professionals what 'creating' really means.
  • 2002
    He becomes recognized in Europe when he was invited to Mistral Bonsai in Spain where European bonsai enthusiasts starting to pay attention to his way of creating bonsai and his passion for bonsai. He began a bonsai school in Europe, teaching classes in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.

Overseas guidance and lecture in recent years

  • May 2007 Guest lecturer at the European Bonsai Association in Belgium
  • June 2008 Guest lecturer at Bonsai Exhibition in Monaco
  • March 2009 Guest lecturer at the European Bonsai Association in Spain
  • 2010 Kawabe school begins in Oct in Spain, November in Switzerland and December in France